Tricks To Install Android Nougat

android nougatThere are several points that may lead you to decide on installing Android Nougat in your device. Let’s mention something like double-sided display, improved notification setting, and enhanced battery saver feature. These examples of new updates in Nougat must become the leading reason for you to install this Android version. Now that you want to install Nougat on your device, you may need to know some tricks to go through the installation process successfully. Let’s check out some tricks to install Nougat as follow.

Top Tricks To Install Android Nougat

The first trick is to move toward better network coverage. You need a better network to download and install the Nougat update properly. When using data allowance is not a recommended option, you may need to find and move toward any nearby Wi-Fi station to download and install your update. The second trick is to charge your device fully. To install Android Nougat on your device, there is no doubt that it will take time. To avoid your device dying during the installation, you should make sure to charge the battery fully before installing the update. It is also a safe choice to plug your device into a power source when installing Nougat.

Moving on to the third trick, you may like to play the provided game as you wait for the installation process to finish. If you want to kill the boredom of the installation process, you can play its waiting game until your new version of Android is successfully installed in your device. Another trick to install a new version of Android is to check out what is new in the update. To get the most of your new update, later on, you may need to learn more about the list of fresh features and updates in the package. That’s all several tricks to install Android Nougat in your device.

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