Treatments For Acute And Chronic Leukemia

Health careNowadays cancer has been the common disease that attacks many people in the world. One kind of cancer in which people in all ages should concern is blood cancer. Also, called as leukemia this disease is caused by the abnormal amounts of white blood cells in the body. Those who are the patients indeed will face a serious problem because of the less amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin such as bruises and anemia.

Moreover, to make the life expectancy of patients is higher, of course, there are treatments that must be done here. Actually, there are many treatments which can be done and those are chosen depending on the type of leukemia of patients. In addition, here are the best treatments for patients having acute and chronic leukemia as follow.

Acute leukemia treatments

For acute leukemia, the treatments must be done as soon as possible since the progress of cancerous cells is rapid or fast. The common treatment having to be done is chemotherapy which is given in three phases that are induction, consolidation, and maintenance. A bone marrow transplant also is recommended too in a certain condition.

Chronic leukemia treatments

For chronic leukemia itself, there are some treatments which are able to be done here. It includes chemotherapy, targeted therapy, interferons, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and surgery. In choosing what treatment that is the best is by looking at the phase of the cancer of the patients. Thus, each patient of chronic leukemia can get different treatment actually.

In short, those are the treatment for acute and chronic leukemia. Talking more about a bone marrow transplant itself, it is the only current way that can be done for the patients with CML. Besides the younger patients are more likely to get a successful transplant treatment rather than older patients.

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