Top 5 Kodi Builds 2017 For You

top 5 builds for kodiHaving a smartphone nowadays is not an extraordinary thing to have. It will be extraordinary if we can get the most of our smartphone. One of the ways is by installing Kodi in our smartphone. After that, we can check out the top 5 Kodi builds 2017 in order to gain the most benefit of installing Kodi in a smartphone. Considering that you have learned about Kodi builds and how does it work in our smartphone, now let’s see the five best of Kodi builds in 2017 as follow.

Top 5 Kodi Builds 2017 For You And Family

If we are talking about Kodi build which is ideal for family, we should remember Dad Life.  This one is a real solution for you who want to serve a good show for both you and other family members. It offers movies, TV shows and kids program which will be ideal for you and family. On the list of top 5 Kodi builds 2017, there is also Nemesis. This one is also an ideal selection for the build if you want to share the show with your family members. It is because the build offers huge variety of add-ons which means various contents are available as well.

In addition, we should remember The Beast as well. For those who have used Kodi for years must be familiar with this popular build. It is not impossible to get a lot of add-ons as well when applying this build on our Kodi. Moreover, there will be Megamind’s Wookie as well on the list. This one offers a huge number of add-ons which are suitable for you and family. For the last build on the list, Fire TV build must be taken into account. This one is also recommended selection for Kodi build. To finish, those are the top 5 Kodi builds 2017.

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