Review for 2016 Toyota Supra

toyota supra 2016If you see from the car’s review about 2016 Toyota Supra, you can find many things that say this car is a great car to choose as the car in 2016. Then the model of the car also suitable to use in 2017 or the year after, it is the next series of the car is released in 2018. Nowadays Toyota supra 2016 also still better to be chosen because this car with its eye-catching color look will make you be proud to have this car, especially you are the first one that buys the car or your car is the newest series from Toyota that you buy and you drive it in your environment.

Sophisticated Look from 2016 Toyota Supra

2016 Toyota Supra that is produced in 2015 and is launched in the same year, but it is for the use in 2016. From 0-60 times, this car’s estimated in 4,5 second to ride and that car reach the top speed to 186 mph. this car is the concept if sports car in a convertible car. The design took the core from FT-1 and Celica as the basis of wider and longer car. With these, the car has a more modern model of the car that the body looks slim on the exterior but the real is wider in the interior. It makes this car is well known as the affordable car to buy in 2016.

If you read the review about the car, many people say that this car is great choices for them because they have felt how comfort to be in the car and you can enjoy driving the car that especially is used for the city road. The highlight of the feature in the car can make you believe that this car cares about your safety and you can trust to have this 2016 Toyota Supra to be your new car that will change your bored feel to see your old car you will fresher to have this Toyota supra.

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