One And Only EHR Target

target EHRBehind the biggest succeed off the company, there is also a great some workers that hardworking to give the best services for the customer’s satisfying. So, do the Target, Target is the second biggest company in the department store industry. The first one is Walmart and the second one is target the retailer. As the retailer target serves some services that could give to the customers. The highlight is the daily needs of the customers. Target’s store supply the thing that customer needs for their daily. Including the food, such as egg, oil, chicken, flour, meat, mineral water, some equipment of households and much more. As the second biggest department store in united states, Target is promising the best services for the customers. It means that the worker will be working hard to make customer satisfied. As the company sees the hardworking employees, they had an idea to make a portal of electronic Human Resources Division to make the employee’s job easier. The portal is finally named as EHR Target.

EHR Target As The Helper

EHR Target is a portal for the employees to connect with the Human Resources Division by online. So, that they don’t have to come to the office and spend more money for the transport. This portal is way much easier and cheaper. This portal also supplied some data that you could access in other to make the employee’s job easier. With the portal, the job will be done earlier. This portal is occasionally made for the employees whose dedicated their life to work for the target company. It is the reward for all the hard work they have been done for the company succeed.

Target are focusing and concerning to upgrade the employee’s skill in other to make their company improving. As the people said what makes the company bigger and being the best is not only the great leader but also the good worker. So, the target wants their employees all are motivated to make target’s company being better and better together with the leader. EHR Target is a way to make the employees satisfied and feeling cared by the company. So, that they will work harder for the rest of their life. This year target’s company goal is being the best department store in the United States.

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