All You Need To Know About Sinus Infection Symptoms

sinus infectionSinus or medically known as sinusitis is a swelling or inflammation of the tissue that is lining our sinuses. Sinusitis usually comes with sinus infection symptoms which can be traced before the problem is getting worse. Some common conditions that can lead our sinus to be blocked are cold, allergic rhinitis, small growths and deviated septum. Understanding the symptoms of this disease is certainly essential for everyone since immediate diagnosis will lead to immediate response and treatment to prevent it to get worse. Learn more about the symptoms of sinus in this information as follow.

Here Are What You Must Know About Sinus Infection Symptoms

When we are talking about the symptoms of sinusitis, we need to know first about what type of sinusitis that we suffer. There are some types of sinusitis which are acute, sub-acute, chronic and recurrent. The type is divided by its period of occurring. Sinus infection symptoms of acute type include facial pressure or pain, stuffed-up nose, runny nose, cough or congestion and loss of smell. Moreover, fever, fatigue, bad breath and dental pain can be other symptoms following the main signs above. In acute sinusitis, the symptoms may start with cold-like symptoms and it may start unexpectedly and last for two until three weeks.

Furthermore, for chronic sinusitis which refers to sinusitis that last for 12 weeks or more, the symptoms include a feeling of congestion or feeling fullness in the face, a nasal obstruction or blockade, pus in the nasal cavity, discolored postnasal drainage and fever. In this case, the patient may also have bad breath, headaches and tooth pain. If the symptoms are getting worse, the patient may also suffer tired a lot. These are some sinus infection symptoms which may occur on you. If you find yourself experience such condition, you may need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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