Introducing Nationstar Mortgage

Nationstar MortgageDid you know about Nationstar Mortgage? It’s a company that provides residential mortgage loan services in the United States. A business that served technology and data ascension solutions to the real estate market. Also, companies operated in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans. This company has been servicing many finance portfolios throughout two decades. The cases are more than $385 billion and over 2 million clients. Recently, this company hired about 6700 employees in all over the world. Including in Irvine, Chandler, Buffalo, Highlands Ranch, and India.

Nationstar Mortgage’s History

As one of the companies in mortgage lending industry, this company must be had been through the bitter yet sweet memories for the two decades. Build in 1994 at Dallas, Texas, United States. The first name was Centex Credit Corporation but then in 2001 its merged being to Centex Home Equity Company. In 2006 the name was officially changed to Nationstar Mortgage after the initial stockholder meetings. In 2013 until now this company had been through acquisitions of many things. But in June 2016 they had been chosen by Seneca Mortgage Servicing LCC. It’s selected as the sub service for existing and future acquisitions of mortgage servicing held by Seneca.

Being a servicer, they are committed to advance the limit of service borrowers. The company provides to help customers while the customers staying at home. It serves customers at every point of the loan journey. They also had company’s values which are prioritized customers. The values sound is customer satisfied, company glad. That’s why they want to serve the best services for the customers. The services that they aim had to be services that can be brag about. Even when answering a simple question, take care payment, or supply document needed, Nationstar Mortgage will always go abroad and beyond the expectation. It’s the best non-bank servicer in the United States.

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