Healthy Resting Heart Rate and Tips

healthy resting heart rateAmerican Heart Association studied has proved if the best and an excellent time to measure person healthy resting heart rate is in the morning. Especially after the good sleep. So, if you want to know about your heart rate it’s better if you do it when you wake up after you get a very nice sleep. Person’s good heart rate is in the 60 to 80 hits per time. You can use your heart rate to calculate the target course of your heart rate. A person heart rate can be determined by how to fit the person is and of course the fitter the person the good the heart rate can be.

Tips and Suggestion for Healthy Resting Heart Rate

You can compare between the persons who athletes and also non-athletes but active and to the person who are non-athletes but not active. Recent studies have said that if the high proportion of resting can increase the risk of heart attack in both men and women. Here are some tips and suggestions that can you achieve the lower resting heart rate.

  1. Efficient your cardiovascular system, you can achieve this with doing some exercise like cycling, biking, swimming, running and even walking at least you do this stuff 30 minutes and no more do this about three times a week will help you to get healthy resting heart rate
  2. To lower your heart rate, you need to have more rest and at least you need to get sleep about 8 hours a night
  3. Trying to remove your stress and abate this will also help to reduce your resting heart rate. Try to make the balance between your social life and works
  4. Water is the most important supply that you need to give to the body
  5. Trying to eat good food and balance your body with nutrition, vitamins and fibers and everything that the body needs

Those are five excellent and amazing tips that can help you in order to give your heart a very good vibe and also can help you get the healthy resting heart rate and of course this will lower the chance for you to get involved with a heart attack.

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