Guide How To Make French Press Coffee

how to make French press coffeeAs an alternative to make a delicious coffee for your day, you may want to try French press to make that delicious coffee. Instead of using instant coffee, making it with French press may give us a new experience. Then, how to make French press coffee? If you are wondering how to produce a French press coffee, you just need to read this following information to get the idea about the way to make it by yourself at home.

Your Best Guide On How To Make French Press Coffee

Before learning the technique to make French press coffee, it must be good to learn the way to measure the coffee beans and water for a tasty and drinkable French press coffee. For a single serving, you need to take two step of coffee beans alongside a cup of water. On the other hand, if you want to make two servings, you need to combine two cups of water with a quarter cup of coffee beans. When learning how to make French press coffee, its measurement is important in order to get the most of your coffee. So, you should not forget to make sure that you have got the right ratio of the coffee beans and water.

Now that you have learned the right ration of coffee beans and water, you can start to brew the coffee. You should begin with bloom step. Considering that you have poured the right amount of coffee beans into the French press, we can continue to the blooming step. In this step, you have to pour a half of hot water into the grounds. 30 seconds after the blooming step, you should stir your coffee lightly so that the crust was broken and mixed with the water evenly. After that pour, the remaining water then push the plunger slowly. Finally, you have learned the guide on how to make French press coffee.

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