GTA 5 Review: Same Game Different Feels

gta 5 hackThe most wanted game that has been waited by many people is Grand Theft Auto 5 New Generation. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a number 5 series of Grand Theft Auto that has been insanely waited by GTA’s fans. It’s known as their sandbox concept since the first one they launched in 1997. Innovation in every series makes GTA get a better and better results. Rockstar made GTA 5 as the best an open world sandbox concept existed. The combination of storyboard and gameplay blended perfectly.

The 3 Characters

In GTA 5 there are 3 characters. Each character had their own story that connected each other. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor is the protagonist that live in different places, had different problems, lifestyle, dream, and different purpose. Michael is a retired bank robber, living peacefully with his wife and two children’s. Franklin is an ex-gangster that seek the opportunity to find money and a better job. He works as a creditor is high-class car showroom. Trevor is a narcotics consumption that couldn’t be handled. He knows Michael because they had done criminals-mate before. The 3 characters might be very different but they had connected to each other as you play the game. They seek for the money in each game. So, you as a player must help them to find money. If you want and easiest way to get money, you should add gta 5 hack then your money is uncountable.

In the older series, the player could make some mess and do anything they want. In GTA 5, you could do anything you want more freely, there is no limit in this game. This time, there are more funny and extreme things to do. Cycling around Los Santos, playing golf, join ATV racing, jumping from high building to another building and much more.

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