Good and Bad Food for Osteoporosis

Health tipsOsteoporosis is a disease that is associated with bones. In this case, this disease commonly attacks old women. As it is known that a woman includes in a risk factor for the disease. Here old women having genetical factor will have a higher risk to get the disease. Those who have osteoporosis indeed will have a low bone mass so that it is easy to be broken. This condition, of course, can be worse so that preventing osteoporosis will be a good idea. All of the explanation about it actually can be found in the following paragraphs.

When you want to prevent this disease, one way which can be done is by consuming foods which make your bones stronger. The first one is you need to consume more fruits and vegetables. By consuming those foods, according to the research, your bones can be stronger than before. Then low-fat dairy products like milk and cheese are the next food that is very good in preventing this disease. Those foods actually have a high calcium and vitamin D so that it is nice for bones. Salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel that include to fatty fish have a high vitamin D and calcium too.

Meanwhile, what are the foods which must be avoided in order that you cannot have osteoporosis? For the first one, there are foods with high sodium or salt. Sodium in those foods can cause the bone to lose the calcium. Then alcohol also has to be avoided because it will make the bone mass lower. Moreover, caffeine is very bad for the bones as well. Some drinks having caffeine like tea, coffee and soda, of course, have to be avoided. The cause is it will decrease the absorption of the calcium. Last if you want to prevent osteoporosis, hence it is a good idea for you to avoid soft drinks as well.

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