Free Powerpoint Templates Animated Presentation

free powerpoint templatesPowerpoint is a program from Microsoft that had a function as a slide presentation. It’s made for people that need to present or showed what they must another people in the easier way. This program is just a blank slide that we could fill it with text, picture, chart, video or even sound. It’s a new way to send a message to many people by both verbal and visual. The cutest thing that you can add some animation into the slide. You can get free powerpoint templates animated or just using the original one from Microsoft.

Free Powerpoint Templates Animated In A Slide

The animation could make your slide more interesting. It will have caught up audience’s attention. Even now there are free powerpoint templates animated everywhere. But, if you’re adding too much animation it could be burdensome too. Don’t make animation being a disturbing one in your slide. Nowadays, moving animation is a trend. Here’s the way to make it. To make animation moving, click the picture that you want to move, click animations tab and choose fly in. click effect options and click from left if you want the animation to move from left and click from right if you want the animation move from right. To start it click with previous so that animation automatically start moving. Set timer to 00.50. click animation tabs again. Still, in animations tab, choose float in and click effect options. Choose float up. Set the time after previous so your animation showed first. Set the time to 00.50 and your animation will start to moving.

In other to make good presentation template is a precious thing to choose. There are many original templates that Microsoft made. But the template is quite common. There are free powerpoint templates animated that unique and uncommon. Sometimes unique template is enough to make your slide looks good.

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