Free Download Android Mod Apk (Hotel Story)

Free Download Android Mod ApkThis free download android mod apk of the hotel story is a worth to download and installed. It a game within simulation category that has been downloaded by million people all over the world. It’s a great business to play before you try the real one.

Free Download Android Mod Apk Hotel Story

Hotel Story is a game that included in Simulation category. In this game, the player should run errands the hotel well so that it would make many benefits from the hotel. In the first time of playing this game, you will have very small hotel with 2 until 4 unit of rooms hotel. After succeed in playing the tutorial, you will get some coins to buy some upgraded of the hotel. You can upgrade the room to be more exclusive and expensive, you can buy some land around the hotel so that you can expanding your hotel, you can also add some addition rooms if you think the rooms is not much. You also can build an addition rooms to entertain your hotel guests such as arcade room, restaurant, spa room, fitness or gym room, library, bookstore, vending machine, chips machine, flowers, clothing shop, cinemas and many other rooms. Those rooms also are upgraded to accommodate 2 until 4 people in one room so that your hotel still can receive guest even if you are not buying the land around your hotel. The free download android mod apk of hotel story doesn’t need a big space to download so you don’t need to worry about the size of the game.

Overall this game is a good game to play if you are interested in running errands hotel or if you want to try experiences to being a good manager that produce many as much as you can. It’s also a good way to learn business because it feels real. Although the graphic is standard and not using High definition graphic, this free download android mod apk of hotel story is still worth to downloaded and installed.

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