How Does An Earthquake Happen Simple Explanation?

how do earthquakes happenEarthquakes are the most terrifying disaster on the earth and of course as the human being we afraid of this disaster and the others. But, how does an earthquake happen? Of course, this kind of question always ghosting your mind and if you no longer remember the day you school and learn geography this can be really pain in the head. If you want to unlock your old memory and learn about this earthquake again, this will be the good stuff that you can read.  Well, let’s talk about the stuff that you really want to know about.

How Does An Earthquake Happen And Make Disaster?

In fact, earthquakes are something that predictable. But, somehow people can’t manage the early warning to people. So, they can’t do the precaution before it hits them. How does an earthquake happen? Of course, this the thing that you really want to know. Well, this is the very simple theory that we can give to you and of course we also use a very simple word, so you will easily know about this. The thing that causing the earthquakes is lies deep within the earth and this thing called the tectonic plate. Yes, because the form it’s very like a plate. This thing always move and shift, when it crash to one another it will cause friction. The friction from those plates will cause the vibe.

And the vibrant as the result of the friction will make the earth shaking and of course this will make the world feel the movement of the earth itself. But, it’s only happen when the crash it’s powerful enough to causing the vibe, and that’s how does an earthquake happen to us and the whole world. You need to know; this event happens all over the world even on the deep ocean.

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