DVD Storage Ideas For Family Members

dvd storage ideasEvery family member must have their collection of stuff, it could be magazines, vinyl, cassettes, Tupperware (for mom), or DVDs. Imagine, if you have siblings who are one the junkies of the stuff I mentioned before. Fighting over the space to put the stuff is a usual tragedy, that’s what also happen with me and my brother. I bet your family room is filled with a lot of stuff here and there. Therefore, to place them together into one spot here go DVD storage ideas that also can fit your siblings’ collections. Check below!

DVD Storages Ideas You And Your Siblings Can Have

Before deciding which storage that fit with your interest, make sure your siblings should get involved in this project, because what if you choose one without them knowing? It can bring another fight.  So, here’s the DVD storage ideas for you cans your siblings:

  1. Use DVD slips in a basket or drawer – you can easily find a really cute box or basket in your house with lid and place it on your TV set, it is also having a versatile function; e.g., to store others small stuff so they don’t scatter everywhere.
  2. Gather your DVDs into one spot and store them on the shelf. Your siblings can also join you putting their stuff inside, you guys will easier to look for the stuff you need.
  3. Store your DVDs in a binder – get yourself your favorite color and add cute labels to the spines. This is perfect if you want to keep your DVDs alone without your siblings’ stuff. LOL.
  4. Use your old shutter into DVD holder – if you have an abandoned shutter, you can reuse it and paint it with an enchanting color. Put your DVDs and your sibling’s CDs collection onto it.

Fighting over the unnecessary thing with your siblings can finally stop. So, which of DVD storage ideas that you guys decided on?

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