Diagnose of Gastritis

Health tipsWhat do you think about gastritis? It is actually one of the common diseases which people have. In this case, it is the condition in which there is the infection, inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining. This disease can be chronic or acute depending on how long the disease has happened. Then, how is the diagnostic of gastritis? For those who want to know more about it, here is the explanation as in the following paragraphs.

To diagnose this disease, there will be some things the doctors do to conclude that you have gastritis.

  1. Reviewing your medical history

For the first thing that the doctor will do is to review both personal and also the family history. In this case, if you have the other family members who get gastritis, there is a higher risk of you to get the same disease.

  1. The physical evaluation

In the second thing done by a doctor is they review the physical evaluation of the patients. Talking about the physical evaluation, there are some things done like:

  • Upper endoscopy

In this thing, there will be a camera which is inserted and see the condition of the stomach. Here, the doctor is going to analyze the disease by seeing the result of the camera having been inserted before.

  • Blood test

Moreover, the next way you can do to check the health of you by a blood test. In this test, there is the way which the doctor can see that the patients have anemia or another infection.

  • Stool test

Stool test of fecal occult blood test becomes the next way to know about the sign of gastritis. Here, the doctor will check the presence of the blood in the stool.

In short, those are the ways which the doctors can do to diagnose gastritis.

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