Cooking Eggless Cake In Microwave

eggless cakeHaving a microwave in your home is very beneficial. If you love to cook, you could do some experiences in cooking. You could search a unique recipe and try to make it yourself at home. One of the best unique recipes is eggless cake. Yes, mostly recipes of cake are using some eggs, it could be 4 until 6 eggs needed for only one cake. You could make this eggless cake in microwave that you had in the home.

Vanilla Eggless Cake In Microwave At Home

To make an eggless cake in microwave you need to prepare some things first. Heat the microwave in 180C. Prepare tray for the batter around 20cm and spread out the cooking oil or margarine in the top of the tray. Prepare a big bowl and whisk. The ingredients are 350 grams of high protein flour, 250 grams of granulated sugar, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of vanilla essence, one teaspoon of apple vinegar, 250 milliliters of milk and 120 milligrams of vegetable oil.

To make a good batter mix all the dry ingredients such as flour, granulated sugar, baking soda and salt in the bowl. Mix it well. After that make some holes in the batter. A big one and two of small holes. Put vegetable oil in the big hole and pour in the vanilla and vinegar in the little. Then pour the milk in the top of that. Whisk it until mixed well. After that pour the batter into the tray that has been spread out by margarine. Put in in the microwave. Bake it until cooked. Wait around 35 minutes till 45 minutes. To know if the cake cooked or not you can put in the skewer to the cake if there is any batter attached to the skewer it means the cake has not been cooked. If it does not get any batter attached in the skewer, eggless cake in microwave is ready to eat.

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