What Can You Do From The Access Database?

access databaseAccess database is known as the way you can create the database and you used the database to your work. You can do many things from your database when you already know the database. There are five programs in the database, it is home, create, external data, database tools, and field and table.

If you want To Know Access Database

In home menu when you access the database, you can find the basic setting of access database such as you can see it in Microsoft word. You can write the table and can apply color by using the database. You can write your information or you also can do anything about the data. If you want to sort of the data, you can make it from the home menus. The other is menu ‘create’ where you can find if there is the table to be made, query and query design or many things to make you can easily find something such and also create detail information for the data. The other, there is menu ‘external data’ that sometimes used to import another information. You can import the data in the database from excel, form word, or from the other data.

Then, you can find database tools as is used to make your data when creating database is perfect. You can also repair the database if you think your database does not come out as what you want. This tool is also used when you want to access the database in SQL server or when you want to share your database with the other thing. Then, in field menu, the field is used to make the field in the access database. You can add the number or text in the table, also if you want to work with currency; all happen in Microsoft access. The last is the table. Here you can change your table, you can also insert, or you deleted the data table that consists of important menu related to the table.

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