Cake Decoration With Flowers

Birthday CakeIn fact, there are some ways that we can take to make our cake decoration standout. One of the best ways is by using flowers. Either fresh flowers or edible flower made by fondant is a great idea to be used as decoration for our cake. However, if you are typical of a decorator who has not been familiar with fondant decoration type, you may like to try using fresh flowers. In some ways, using fresh flowers has its own benefit especially for the real touch.

Creative Ways For Cake Decoration With Flowers

Before you deliberately decorate your cake by using flowers, there are some important things that you need to know about decorating with botanicals. First of all, remember that some of them can be poisonous. At this point, you should make sure to use flowers that are free from toxic. Something like ranunculus, for example, is beautiful for cake decoration, but it is actually toxic in certain doses. To play safe, it is better to take flowers like rose, jasmine or lilac that are known to be free from toxic. However, you may need to wrap it with aluminum foil and floral tape to make it safer.

Furthermore, it is also recommended for you to purchase organic flowers. It must be good to have organic flowers which are free from pesticides. In this case, you must like to avoid decorating an edible thing like cake with something covered in pesticides. Now, let’s begin the decoration. In this case, you can consider about arranging flowers in various hues to make it creates a different grade of color.  Then, you can also decorate the flowers with polka dots type over the cake. This idea works best if you use small flowers like lilac. The last, you can finish your cake decoration with a flower crown.

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