Best Sleeping Bag 2017 Several Type

best sleeping bagBased on the level comfort, sleeping bag consists of several types that you can choose according to your needs. Such as for the mountaineers, would have to be adjusted when the state is in the mountains, at the start of a shape designed for a climber, it is intended to minimize the risk of cold for the climber. Best sleeping bag 2017 gives some type of sleeping bag for the buyer.

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag 2017?

Based on the best sleeping bag 2017, there are several types of the beds in accordance with the primary material used mainly, there are natural and some are synthetic. Sleeping bag made of natural material has a high level of warmth and cover the empty space which allows the cold air in. But it is a weakness when exposed to water is difficult to dry goods. While synthetic, although cheaper than natural but weakness brought if higher severity. In addition to weight also the level of warmth is smaller than the natural one.

Generally, there is the shape of a sleeping bag that mummy shaped and also like a roll mat. There are differences between the two if shape mats are usually favored by the backpacker or who like traveling, while shape like a mummy usually for people who hobby of mountain climbing. If the sleeping bag that contained in the best sleeping bag 2017, a sleeping bag high-quality premises that its temperature can be set according to the needs of wear. For example, if the air temperature is very low, then we can use a special sleeping bag for low temperature. then if we are in temperature is not too cold, we can set the temperature or buy a special type of sleeping bag at room temperature. The lower temperature is reached, then the level of sophistication of the technology is an increasingly prolific sleeping bag.

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