Berry Benefits: Raisin

Berry BenefitsRaisin is one of the berry families that people not might know. There are some people thought that all of the berry families should have to have berry as their last name. Yet raisin is still the member of the berry family although that it does not have any berry in their last name. There are two types of raisin which are red raisin or could be named as tribes big rum and the black raisin which is the ribs rub. Those type of raisin are rarely to eating alone, most of them are mixed with other ingredients for meals or even drink. Some people are falling in love with raisin because of their taste, not their benefits. Meanwhile raisin still the part of the berries family which are known as their berry benefits.

Red And Black Raisin Berry Benefits

Berry benefits of black raisin are it is contained much vitamin C ad bioflavonoid. That is why the taste of this raisin if you eat just itself, will be a little much sour. Mostly people are using this raisin for juice, the black raisin juice is good for deducting the pain of the bruised skin. Deduct bleeding gums, deduct the leak of the small blood artery, avoid constipation and another problem which is about tissue. Black raisin juice also contained gamma linoleic acid or could be said as GLA. GLS is very important to help produce hormones such as prostaglandin PGE-1 elements which had a function to control all the part inside human body and body immune.

Berry benefits of red raisin have contained an element that had an antiseptic effect. This red raisin is good to being the medicine of the yellow sickness, poisoned, fatigued, and overbalance acid inside your blood. Both of those juice are good for the mushroom infection and vaginal infection.

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