Beautiful Tips With Style Gothic Dresses

gothic dressesGothic dresses can make your appearance to look more beautiful and also classic only if you want to choose a fashion style that if fitting and suitable for your personality. Often many people choose the wrong type of makeup right so as to cause their appearance to be less than the maximum. Though choosing the right type of makeup is very easy especially if we already know what is needed to decorate our faces with what kind of makeup. And not just the type of thick or natural makeup even gothic special makeup you can apply easily.

Some Beautiful Tips With Ethnic Gothic Dresses Style

For you fans of fashion gothic dresses, makeup is also a necessity in which your appearance will look more beautiful and maximal only if you use a makeup style that is nuanced gothic as well. This is what we will discuss in this article so it is very dear if you miss our article on this one.

Here are some tips to look beautiful with the style of gothic clothing and makeup support with gothic style as well.

  • Eye makeup

Gothic fashion style is very thick with eye makeup style black and thick. They call it smoked eyes makeup that can be done by using a black eye liner, sweep eye shadow with a mixture of several kinds of colors and mascara jet black.

  • Makeup

Wear foundation or foundation with color one level above your skin color. Because gothic style more emphasis on light skin color or more precisely called pale. Wear white powder to support a more pale face for a more subtle gothic impression.

  • Lip makeup

As for lip makeup in gothic style you can use a lipstick with dark colors like lipstick with dark red, gray, dark blue and black. Even lately the use of black lipstick actually become a trend for fans of fashion gothic dresses.

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