Argentite Ore As Silver

argentiteIn the earth, there are so many creatures made by nature. As we know, all of the creatures are having their own characteristics. The living creatures on earth are human, animals, and plants. All those living creatures have to live harmoniously on the earth in other to keep the earth from damage such as global warming. Not only living creatures there are so many creatures in earth happened because of nature. Those are like rock, mineral, ore and many things. Those creatures also had their own characteristic in each other physique. All of those creatures had their own element and component in other to make something more beautiful than itself. As for the example, silver and gold are the most known mineral in the world. But in silver you need some elements in other to make them shining more, these are argentite ore.

Dark Argentite Ore

Argentite Ore is made in the high Celcius of climate and weather. It doesn’t just happen as it is. It needs long process and certain temperature to make the best of this kind of mineral. Because of the difficult process and long waiting, this mineral had more expensive price than the other or which can be found together with this mineral. As their expensive price, many people want to collect this ore as their decoration in their house.

This one has its own characteristic in one ore. As the example, the color of Argentite Ore is especially darker than another silver mineral you can found on the earth. Their darkness color really temptation for people whose love ore with dark colors. Moreover, it is more look like a crystal than just a silver. Because of its shimmering and make the color shining. This ore could be your favorite decoration in your house if you are able to buy this most expensive ore in the earth.

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