4 Ways To Maintain Ear Rightly

Health careThe ear is one of the important senses for the body. As the sense of hearing that is important, so maintain the ear health is really needed. It is very important for you to know the right way to maintain the ear. If you know well the way to maintain it rightly, it will make you can hear optimally and your ear is also avoided from any diseases. The function of the ear is not just for the hearing, but it also functions as the body balance.

Do you know that the ear can clean its part? The ear can clean it because of the cerumen, which is produced by the ear. This normal liquid will be produced and out when you are sleeping. This liquid has a function to catch the dirt of the ear, such as dust, small animal, and the bacteria that come to the ear. So, keeping all of the parts of the ear is very needed. Know rightly the right way to maintain and care for the ear healthy. First of all, do not use the cotton bud, some people think that clean up the ear from the dirt to use the cotton bud. In the real, this activity is really wrong, the cotton bud will not help you to make the dirt of ear can be out, using it you will push the dirt to the deep ear.

The second is you need for chewing rightly. Chewing the food rightly will make the dirt of the ear will be out automatically. It pushes the ear to out the dirt. The third is you can do some therapy to maintain the ear, such as candle therapy. This therapy will really help you to out the dirt of the ear. The fourth is you are not allowed to scratch the ear. When the ear feels so itchy, please do not scratch it, because it will cause the infection and create the bacteria comes.

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